the keeper of the wolf vodka (spuzz) wrote in news_editors,
the keeper of the wolf vodka


Hey everyone. This is spuzz and I run the sd_herald of Buffy and Angel fandom. Go ahead and post anything you want to in this journal, it's for you to use as you wish.

You can also go ahead and do a intro post, so we can know who you are and what you run, for what fandom etc...and any other additional information you want to know.

I created this journal in case anyone had any questions about running a newsletter, wanted to share their personal experience, complain about something, or just chat with your fellow news people.

I really like running a newsletter, and I love helping people out. I know we have a wide range of experience already, from people who have been doing this awhile, to brand new editors. This community will be lightly moderated by me, otherwise, that's about it.
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